Monday, August 16, 2010

What to do with my life.?

Okay so basically I am stuck in a HUGE rut at the moment.

I've been working in Marketing and Events Management since I left school aged 18. It's a really small business but I've got a fair bit of experience. I spoke to my employer and we decided it was a good idea for me to move on.

I've applied for 10 or 11 jobs a day for the past month and I haven't had a single response. I've called up the companies and they've said ';due to the number of applicants if you're successful we will contact you ourselves.'; Not a great help to me.

I could go to University; my boyfriend and I were talking about moving to Scotland (I live in Oxford) which sounds great to me... and I looked at doing a course like Mental Health Nursing at Dundee University. I love the idea of working with people with mental health issues, but then there's the complications of me being a tad squeamish/grossed out by bodily fluids. Also - moving to Scotland from Oxford with my boyfriend, starting all over again, we've been together a fair while but what if it all went **** up?!

I currently live on my own in rented accomodation and that expires in October. The rent is ridiculous so I'm skint all the time, that way I can't even save up to go travelling. I hate Oxford; it's boring and I've lived here all my life. It's like a goldfish bowl where everyone knows your business and I'm just so fed up with it all.

I'm slowly running out of options or ideas of what to do. I've been referred to a counsellor because I have driven myself into depression from all of this. I've never been particularly clever; my favourite subject is English but my A Level grades aren't good enough to do a course worth getting into loads of debt for.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to progress with my life? I'm 20 years old and I feel like I'm going no where. I'm so incredibly unhappy and it's killing me.What to do with my life.?
I think that you may need to go back to school if you want to have more chances of finding a job. Please, You're still tooo young to be that stressed out and depressed.

If you're not comfortable moving to oxford, don't!! Try to discuss other options with your boyfriend.

I wish you all the best!What to do with my life.?
you have found two positives in your situation, one moving to scotland and two going to study something you will enjoy. Focus in these and see where it takes you, best of luck.
Being that I'm from the States and not familiar with your school options, degrees, or expenses. If you like to work with people but are 'squeamish about bodily flluids', may I suggest some type of social work. This way you could work with people and help them without being exposed to what you don't like.
All of our efforts are fruitless on this earth. True happiness can only be achieved through Jesus Christ. It may sounds stupid, but it is the truth. Your purpose is to have a relationship with God and allow Him to guide your footsteps. Your value is not based on your works and achievements, but God's unconditional love for you.
There's a point in our life that we have to help others in order to realize what we are and who we are.

Why don't you try volunteering jobs? Like the home of the seniors or the special kids.. You said you like working with people with mental health issues and it might be a good idea to be a volunteer first then who knows you can come up with something and someone from there can also help you.

I hope you'll get yourself back and enjoy every moment of it. God bless you.

If you want to continuing your study, then i say that you have to go for it. You also do some part time job along with study. Whenever you feel that you are confused, then take a look at this site , it plays important role when human beings get confused about life.

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